Garage Storage

Garage Storage

Garage Storage  | InnerSpace Closets for Organized Living - Panama City, FL

Garage storage can be a great place to store house tools, yard tools, or anything else that’s heavy or bulky. However, without a proper storage system, these places can be very messy, disorganized, and overwhelming. If you want to effectively use your garage for storage, it’s time you consider installing shelves and other platforms that would help you efficiently store all your extra stuff. Whether it’s a collection of hammers, a bundle of gardening shovels, or even bicycles, we can help you create an organized garage storage system that would be useful when you need to find any of this stuff later. Instead of digging through a box of bolts to find some yard gloves, we can install shelves into the garage that would make searching and even after-work clean up quicker and easier.

Garages aren’t the only place to install shelves for storage. Do you work from home or have your own business? Home offices can be a nice, stress-free place to work. However, if it’s messy and unorganized, you end up spending more time finding a pen or a specific piece of paper than actually working. Shelves to help store and organize all the items that matter to you will give you the clean and professional atmosphere you’re looking for.

We can help create organizational spaces for all the rooms in your home. Whether it’s the laundry room, the living and family rooms, the kitchen, or even the foyer, our services and products are the best because:

• We use more steel than the competition, making our products practically indestructible.
• Our metal products have virtually no volatile organic compounds because we use an epoxy powder coating.
• We use patented hardware on our shelves that allows them to hold more weight than others.
• Our shelves are adjustable and easy to install.
• We use tested melamine products, making sure it is environmentally safe for you and the world.
• Many of our products are made from strong, yet recycled, material.

From the garage to the kitchen and anything in between, we are incredibly versatile and open to any ideas concerning your dream home.